12V 10W Solar Panel Battery Charger Power Charging Caravan Camping Kit

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Monocrystalline Solar Cell: A-Grade monocrystalline solar cells feature 23.5% increase in cell efficiency.
Heavy-Duty Construction: Anodized aluminum alloy frame with corner protectors ensure ultimate reliability against harsh use.
Ultimate Protection: Overcharging cut-off technology, overload and short circuit protection and ensure its ultra reliable performance.
Ultra PET Films: These films feature light penetration rate of 95%, which can greatly increase solar energy conversion efficiency.
Ultimate Durability: Equipped with tempered glass, this panel is impact-, shatter- and water-resistant, making it the most durable solar panel on the market.
Extraordinary Versatility: Premium cable ensure easy connection and can connected to AGM, lead acid, Gel & Calcium batteries.
Lightweight Design: This heavy-duty solar panel is lightweight constructed that is extremely suitable for camping and other activities.
Germany Certified: Our solar panel is Germany certified, which serves as a solid endorsement for its extraordinary quality.

Maximum Power(Pmax):10W
Max Power Voltage:17.9V
Max Power Current:0.56A
Open-Circuit Voltage:21.9V
Short-Circuit Current:0.71A
Temperature Range:-40°C to 85°C
Solar Cell:Mono
Product Dimension:350x250x17mm
Weight: 1.05kg

Package Content:
1 x 10w Solar Panel Kit