12V 250W Folding Solar Mat Blanket Solar Panel Kit 12V Camping Battery Charger

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They have outstanding solar efficiency rating, up to 23.5% thanks to the high quality A-Grade Monocrystalline Solar Cells used.
The panels feature the PET films,which have a 95% light penetration,minimize the impact on solar output.
Highly durable, impact-resistant and shatterproof, making them the most heavy duty portable solar option on the market.
Super light, weight around 80% lesser than equivalent Glass solar panels on the market.
They are constructed using a 1.2mm heat resistant PCB backing to ensure the solar panels remain strong and a long lifetime.
Including Solar Controller with alligator clips can be connected directly to AGM, Lead Acid, Gel & Calcium batteries.
Foldable design.small size with big power.Totally portable for camping outing.
Diode Bypass Technology can minimize power loss caused by shade and guarantees power supply in low light conditions.

Note: Please keep the modules clean by washing them with fresh water to remove salt water deposits,bird droppings,dust particles or other debris that can lessen the chances of the sun's ray from reaching your solar cells.

Solar Panel Wattage: Max 250W
Max Power Voltage: 17.80V
Max Power Current : 14.03A
Open Circuit Voltage: 23.72V
Short Circuit Current: 15.4A
Temperature Range: -40C - +85C
Folded Dimension: 855x630x10mm
Open Dimension: 1260x855x5mm
Net Weight: 6.66KG

Package Content:
1 x 250W Solar Panel Kit
1 x Solar Regulator
1 x 5m Cables
1 x 1m Cables with alligator clips
1 x Accessories Carry Bag