30A Solar Charger Controller 12V 24V Battery Panel Regulator 4 USB Output 5V

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Durable Construction: Made of sturdy, flame-resistant ABS, this solar charge controller is born withstand extremely harsh use.
3-Stage Charging Process: This solar charge controller features a 3-stage charging process for a rapid, intelligent and safe charging.
Versatile Compatibility: This controller is only suitable for lead acid batteries, including OPEN, AGM and GEL.
The solar controllers electronics are protected with moisture-tight coating, minimizing damage from humidity and from nesting insects.
Multiple Protection: Over temperature, low voltage, over voltage overcharging, over-discharging and short-circuit protection are integrated.
Simplistic LCD Display - ºBuilt-in LED display provides you a real-time view of the input, output and battery conditions.
2 DC Outputs: 2 DC outputs, designed for electronic devices within 30w, have been integrated to add more versatility in use.
4 USB Ports: It has 4 USB ports that offer great convenience and flexibility for phone charging or home applications.


Input Voltage: <50V
Battery Voltage: 12V/24V Auto Distinguish
Max Input Current: 30A
Full Voltage Cut-Off: 14.4V/28.8V /-0.2
Low Voltage Cut-Off: 10.7V/21.4V /-0.2
No Load Loss: 20mA
Temperature Compensation: -4mV/Cell/
Package Weight: 0.5kg
Package Dimension: 19cm x 14cm x 5cm

Package Content:

1 x 30A Solar Charge Controller
2 x Wires
1 x User Manual