This section has been created so you can have instant answers to some
common queries about our product and services.


 Can I receive my plaque before I pay?

 All plaques must be paid for before they leave our premises.

You can pay via credit/debit card, PayPal or bank transfer.


 Can we change the timber?

 Yes.  All of our plaques are individually created to suit the

customers needs. The timber and the plaque pieces are interchangeable.

Choose your timber colour from the range of black, walnut or rosewood.

We also have many colours of felt to choose from for our recessed

plaques. You can even choose the colour of the plaque pieces.


 Can we come out to your premises?

 Customers can come out to pick up their plaque, however

this is by appointment only as we are not open to the general public.  If

customers need to come and speak to Noel or Sheralyn about their

requirements then we are only too happy to make an appointment for you.


 Do you do engraved plates for plaques?

 Yes we can look after all of your engraving needs from plaque

inscriptions fitted to your plaque or you can just purchase engraved

plates separately at a later date if you are unsure of your requirements

at the time you purchase your plaques.


 Do you have hat & lapel badges?

 We have the majority of hat and lapel badges of the Australian

army corps and units.  We also have a small selection of Air Force and

Navy items.  We also stock hundreds of non military items as well, so if

you cannot find what you are looking for, give us a call and if we do

not have it we can more than likely make it for you.


 Do you keep plaques in stock?

 We have such a large range of plaques and different

combinations that we only keep a few standard plaques made up ready to

sell and these plaques can be found on this web site.  Otherwise, all

large quantity plaque orders are individually made when the order

confirmation is received.


 How much do they cost?

 Each plaque will be unique and so therefore prices change from

plaque to plaque.


 If I do not see the plaque I need does that mean you do not stock it?

 Not at all.  We have hundreds of plaques that do not appear on

our website, so please call if you can’t find what you are looking for.


 What size are your plaques?

 Most of our plaques are in general 180-220 mm in height and

145-190 mm wide. Some of the larger items are 240-250 mm in height and

180 mm wide.